LED Floodlight Luminaires

LED Floodlight Performer 90W/125W/160W

    NEW: Available in 32,000 lumens High Power versionSuper slim aluminium body with integrated heatsink and clipless coverVery high Efficacy of up to140 lm/WHigh energy saving up to 65% compared to halogen and high pressure sodium lampsWide (W), Asymmetric (AS) and Narro (N) beam angles availableRobust, water- and dustproofEquipped with valve to regulate pressure differences


    ProductOrder codeEquivalent
    to (W)
    LEDFlood-P Re440-90W-4000-W-BL140062030HID 250W112501254000Black
    LEDFlood-P Re440-90W-4000-AS-BL140062031HID 250W112501254000Black
    LEDFlood-P Re440-125W-4000-W-BL140062032HID 400W156251254000Black
    LEDFlood-P Re440-125W-4000-AS-BL140062033HID 400W156251254000Black
    LEDFlood-P Re440-160W-4000-W-BL140062034HID 400W200001254000Black
    LEDFlood-P Re440-160W-4000-AS-BL140062035HID 400W200001254000Black
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