LED Reflector Lamps

LED Reflector EcoMax GU10

  • Full retrofit of existing halogen GU10 lamps
  • Dimmable versions available up to 575lm
  • Available in 3000K and 4000K
  • Light silver coloured
  • No UV/IR radiation
  • Significantly lower heat output than halogen, avoiding discolouration and risk of damaging goods
  • Up to 87% lower energy consumption than halogen


ProductOrder codeEquivalent
to (W)
LED-E-GU10-3,5W-3000K-36D-DIM140060948Halogen 35W245703000SilverOther
LED-E-GU10-5,2W-3000K-36D-DIM140060949Halogen 50W350673000SilverOther
LED-E-GU10-7,5W-3000K-36D-DIM140060951Halogen 75W565753000SilverOther
LED-E-GU10-3,5W-4000K-36D-DIM140060952Halogen 35W260744000SilverOther
LED-E-GU10-5,2W-4000K-36D-DIM140060953Halogen 50W360694000SilverOther
LED-E-GU10-7,5W-4000K-36D-DIM140060955Halogen 75W575774000SilverOther